What You Need To Know About the Two Most Common Types of Horse Racing

Horse racing has remained one of the most prominent sports throughout the course of sports history. Horse racing has also been subject to betting for a very long time now. However, it can be a rather complex sport for the beginner or even amateur fans who want to place bets on it. The variety in horse racing is worth noting. There are different kinds of bets, odds, numbers, and names involved so when you are wagering, it can be an overwhelmingly daunting experience. You can find the best betting sites here https://slots-online-canada.com/review/playamo-casino/

Knowing the distinction between flat racing and harness racing 

People often confuse horse racing with harness racing. Before knowing the difference between horse racing and harness racing, you must first choose an online gambling site that is safe as well as reliable; sites such as  justhorseracing.com.au  provide reviews of such gambling sites for you to consider. Once you know where to wager, it is time for you to determine what kind of horse racing to wager on. Harness racing is a form of horse racing where the horse race at a specific trot motion. These horses usually pull a two-wheeled cart which is called a sulky (A trotting horse moves its legs forward in diagonal pairs but a pacing horse moves its legs laterally). 

About 85% of all harness races are pacing races. Of course, due to the distinct gait required in harness racing, the sport is also more disciplined. In harness racing,  the jockey must be able to keep control of the trot at all times. Harness racing can also be dangerous because if the horse changes his gait from trotting to galloping, the jockey in the sulky can get seriously injured.  Flat racing on the other hand is the most popular and the most common form of racing in the world. Flat racing takes place on even ground, usually between March and November. Flat races can be 5 furlongs to over 2 miles long. 

Tips for successful wagering on flat racing and harness racing 

When it comes to flat races, you must always pay close attention to the weather conditions. In ideal conditions, often known as the “golden period”, the horses ride faster and smoother than they do in sub-optimal conditions for good punter-friendly results. It is advised to avoid placing large wagers and more profitable to wait for the golden period in the warm seasons of April and May instead. If you are placing a wager on a flat race, you must not forget that it is the most popular kind of horse racing in the entire world. Therefore, you will come across plenty of rumors, gossip, and hype from the crowd or the so-called “inside sources”. These are never to be trusted given what’s at stake. They could very easily be false and it’s better to conduct the field research yourself. 

Alternatively, the number one rule of betting on a harness race is to make sure that the horse is actually a canter or trotting specialist like he is supposed to be. The horse must also be well experienced with such races because as soon as he starts galloping, he will be disqualified immediately. French racehorses are better trained and more equipped for harness racing, so you might want to take a chance on one of those. If you need some reliable betting site or even a casino, check here https://slots-online-canada.com/