Strategies for success at roulette

The question of how to win at roulette, as well as the search for a method that can guarantee a 100% victory, has been exciting the most prominent minds of mankind since the invention of this “Ferris wheel”. Legend has it that even its creator, whose name is lost forever, went mad at the inability to find a way to beat his creation. Slots such as hot tamale free online slots for fun are more popular than roulette, but thousands of players around the world tend to succeed in roulette.

And it immediately brings to mind the famous joke of Einstein’s genius that the only winning roulette tactic is to steal chips while the dealer is away. Which is not far from the truth – because the modern mechanism of rotation of the virtual wheel and the movement of the ball is completely dependent on a random number generator, so neither predict, nor foresee, nor predict the result is impossible even in theory. Don’t forget about the theoretical return of bets, which even in the most favorable for the player does not exceed 98.65% – in the infinitely long period of time you will still lose 1.35%.

But even before moving to the World Wide Web, the game was no less unpredictable. And over the long history of its existence, has developed many strategies, which, according to their creators, allow you to beat roulette. Here are examples of the most famous of them.


Betting system Martingale is probably the most famous strategy of playing not only roulette, but gambling in general. Its principle is very simple – doubling your bet every time you lose and going back to the beginning when you win.This roulette strategy has served as the basis for the emergence of many others, including – just the opposite – Anti-Martingale, etc.


D’Alembert roulette game system is similar to the previous one, because it involves a decrease in betting on a win, and increasing when losing. The initial rate is averaged here, so the player can vary it at will.


The second name for this roulette system is the “strikethrough system”, because according to Labouchere, you should cross out the numbers you’ve played. This system is a negative progression.

Thomas Donald

It has similarities with Martingale, but it is less expensive and more simple: after a loss the bet increases by 1 unit, and decreases by the same unit when winning.


Paroli, in contrast to Laboucher, is a positive progression in which the bet increases when you win. The main thing is to catch a wave of luck, which can rapidly increase the bankroll, and in time to take the money won.

How to win at roulette?

So, it is worth once again stating that none of the above strategies, as well as all other existing roulette strategies today, have been proven effective in practice. In addition, no scheme is simply unable to change the theoretical percentage of return and the mathematics of the random number generator. But there are really effective methods that do not guarantee a 100% victory, but allow many times to increase the profitability of the gaming process and reduce losses:

  • Choose a machine with the highest RTP;
  • Correctly manage their own finances, counting on the possible defeat;
  • Set time limits for the game, and do not violate them, in any situation, keeping a cool mind;
  • Do not gamble while intoxicated or under the influence of emotions;
  • Don’t think of the game as a source of income, only as entertainment and a way to have fun.

So, if you’re planning on playing, enjoying the gameplay, and winning at roulette, stick to just one rule – systematize the gaming process, and choose only high-quality, reliable and trusted online casinos.And the best virtual gambling club is gamblerkey.