How to withdraw bonuses from online casinos

To attract new customers as well as retain old ones, almost all modern online casinos offer their visitors bonuses for registration, deposits or other activities. Players, in turn, also prefer to make deposits to those sites where the most advantageous promotions are available. Users are attracted by bonuses for deposit, registration, certain achievements and other incentives from gaming portals. But, unfortunately, few players carefully read the terms of the bonus program. As a result, there are numerous difficulties that relate to wagering bonus and other nuances. How to eliminate possible problems will be discussed in this article.

Restrictions on bonuses in specific countries

When agreeing to participate, please note that the promotion may not be available in specific countries. This is often due to the fact that citizens of certain countries have most often violated casino rules. It may be possible that you will be awarded bonuses, but you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. The online casino administration has the right to refuse to issue funds, and it is unlikely that you will be able to challenge this decision. It will be very unpleasant if, honestly, playing back your bonus for the deposit, you will remain with nothing.

How to fulfill the conditions of a wager

The rules of the agreement should be read very carefully, especially those relating to wagering. Remember in which games you can wager a bonus, the minimum and maximum betting amount, the duration of the promotion. You can and even need to clarify the rules with a support representative. Particular care must be taken to register at the casino. Indicate only the truthful information. The administration of the casino can cling to the slightest reason to call you a bonus hunter. During the wagering of the bonus you should pay special attention to the time limits. Find out how much time you have to meet your wagering requirements. This information is very important because wagering often requires a lot of bets.

After playing the bonus, do not rush to apply for a withdrawal. You may have missed something. In this case, you may be considered a cheater. If you are able to win a no deposit registration bonus without a deposit, you will be required to make a deposit to cash out your winnings. This condition is present in almost every reliable online casino. You can find such a casino by using casino reviews.

Nuances in meeting the conditions of a wager

When playing the bonus, it is important to consider many aspects. We will point out the main ones.

  • The wager takes into account the bonus or bonus together with the deposit. As a rule, the size of a wager is indicated by a certain coefficient, for example, x50. This number means how many times you need to play this bonus. But often the coefficient should be multiplied not only by the amount of the bonus, but also by the deposit made. This option is, of course, more difficult to win back.
  • Limits on the maximum bet. Practically in every action, for wagering there is a maximum allowable bet. If you do not pay attention to this nuance, the user will lose the bonus or the bet will not be credited.
  • Games that participate in the promotion. Modern online casinos offer many games that are not covered by the bonus. This nuance is also important to consider when reviewing the rules.
  • Percentage of bets. In some games, the bet during wagering may not be fully taken into account. For example, in roulette can be credited only 20% of the bet, and in poker 15%.
  • Functions that are not counted or prohibited in time for wagering. This may include a risk game or free spins.
  • Ability to use the bonus together with other promotions. If you haven’t played the best casino bonus yet, but you’re also going to accept another offer, find out if that’s possible.